Your Options to Receive SMS Online

One of the ways that many services and websites use the Internet to validate your identity and show that you really are a human, is through an SMS message where they send you a code to the phone number you previously entered.

Services like PayPal, bank websites and even emails like Hotmail or Gmail, are some examples where you will need a temporary number to validate your access. However, you may not have a phone number for a certain country, or you just don’t want to give yours. Therefore, we will explain some methods by which you can obtain a valid phone number.

These are some of the advantages of receiving SMS responses from your customers online:

  • Sending SMS from the internet is easier to manage responses with an interface than with a mobile phone.
  • You can configure the SMS accounts to forward the replicas to your email address, avoiding losing any response from your customers.
  • SMS acknowledgments let you know if the SMS you have sent have been received.

Sending SMS over the Internet is the perfect solution for companies that want to do promotions via SMS, ensuring a higher response rate than traditional methods and allowing you to precisely measure the quality of your SMS marketing actions.

To receive SMS, it is necessary to contract an online SMS reception service, which allows you to send and receive SMS. Many of our clients discover over time the benefits of offering their clients, employees and suppliers the option of answering the SMS they send them.

Virtual numbers are unique to each SMS account, no one else can use them, and allow recipients of your SMS to answer you just by pressing the answer SMS button on their mobile.

To activate the option to receive SMS you just have to go to the options screen of your Web SMS account and activate the SMS forwarding to email. All responses you receive will be forwarded to your email account ensuring that you do not lose any of the SMS messages that have been answered.

Why send SMS from the internet, instead of via mobile?

Here are some of the advantages of sending SMS messages over the Internet:

  • Speed,
  • You can upload multiple contacts in a single action, write your SMS and send it.
  • Ideal for critical and emergency situations.
  • Cheaper than sending individual text messages.
  • Send SMS with the company name (customize the sender of the SMS).
  • Schedule the sending of your SMS messages for the future.

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