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Building on its success with its first surgery set, we invite you to discover its second surgery set. This single-use surgery set has been designed with and for dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and doctors who want access to quality, single-use surgical equipment. As you buy medical equipment you need to be specific.

What is This Set?

Thanks to the single-use surgery set , benefit from instruments of a quality close to reusable, at the price of single use.

The surgery set consists of six elements essential for surgery.

Each element present in the surgery set is sterilized with ethylene oxide to ensure perfect sterilization. Once the set is opened, the set must be used during the same surgery.

Adson forceps without claw

The main difference between the PMD N ° 1 surgery set and the surgery set is in the Adson forceps. With the surgery set, you will have access to Adson forceps without claw. The Adson clawless forceps are the most delicate version for tissues, while offering a high level of grip and precision. The Adson clawless forceps offered in the surgery set are 12 centimeters; one of the best size for an Adson clamp, offering a high level of comfort and precision.

Field of care

The treatment drape offered in the disposable surgical set is an adhesive treatment drape with a hole in its center. The hole in the center of the treatment field has a diameter of 8 centimeters. The treatment area is 50 centimeters by 60 centimeters.


Indispensable for surgery, the surgery set comes with non-woven compresses. Five in number, the non-woven compresses offered in the surgical set are all sterile.

Each compress is 7.5 x 7.5 cm for a weight of 30 grams. For a good quality of compresses, PMD offers 4-ply compresses.

Needle holder

The needle holder is an important part of the surgery set. Although disposable, this set comes with a needle holder of a higher quality than what is usually done with disposable. Gone are the days when a single-use set was synonymous with poor needle holder. The needle holder offered by the set has internal grooves that are sufficiently pronounced and regular to provide real grip of the needle. When it comes to the right medical equipment, you need to be specific of your purchase. If you are sure, then only you can come up with the solutions now. Be sure that all the items you are buying are perfect in every way now.

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