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With the arrival of heat and the opening of commercial premises in phase 1, air conditioning devices come into play. Therefore, a series of recommendations must be followed to avoid possible transmission of the coronavirus.

It should be remembered that the airborne transmission route of Covid-19 disease through small particles or microaerosols from drops evaporated from the respiratory secretions of those infected, or from dust with the infectious agent, is a hypothesis not yet scientifically proven, but the similarity with other known viruses that have been isolated in ventilation ducts of sick rooms means that this transmission route cannot be ruled out. The virus transported in these particles could remain in the air for a time and be transported by the flows of ventilation or air conditioning systems. So opting for the best best air-conditioning servicing singapore company  is a good option.

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The document “Good practices in the workplace

Given the possible use of air devices, it is considered a priority to use natural ventilation , although, if it is essential to use ambient cooling machines, slow flows should be used and these devices should be included in the cleaning and disinfection protocols of the establishments, since they can collect particles like any other surface.

Avoid Air Recirculation

Therefore, one of the advice of the health authorities is that the air conditioning systems should not be used for air recirculation if possible. This includes household appliances that can operate in public places.

Think regularly about the maintenance of your air conditioning and ensure smooth operation.

An air conditioner is an electrical device that contains a refrigerant (greenhouse gas): a lack of maintenance can cause breakdowns. But the maintenance of the air conditioning is above all a question of safety, more than money.

Air conditioning maintenance: advice

Perform it yourself or by a professional, the maintenance of your air conditioning is free, but it must be done. Air conditioning maintenance is essential to its proper functioning. Here are our tips:

  • Perform regular air conditioning maintenance.
  • Call a qualified professional.
  • Sign a maintenance contract.
  • Keep and consult the user manual (advice, planned replacement).

Air conditioning maintenance will be cheaper if you do it regularly . Save money and security, these are the reasons to do an annual maintenance instead of waiting for the breakdown. Another reason to plan ahead: air conditioners fail when used intensively, when you need them. It is therefore risky to wait for an emergency for air conditioning maintenance (availability of specialists).

How to avoid this problem?

By signing an air conditioning maintenance contract with the installer. The annual maintenance (even biennial for a reversible system) includes:

  • pressure control
  • checking the liquid circuit
  • a leak test
  • cleaning the appliance

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning will limit breakdowns and extend the life of the unit.

“Daily” maintenance is not prohibited, far from it. If you have the courage and the time, frequent air conditioning maintenance avoids any forced expenditure afterwards. Here’s what to wash and how:

The indoor unit:With a dry cloth and a damp sponge if it is really dirty, but use of solvent or stain remover is prohibited.

Air filters:Counter the accumulation of dust and particles, and keep a good performance as well as a good air quality. Use soapy water then rinse and dry.

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