Drain Blockages and What You Need to Do

These types of blockages mainly occur in the drain pipes in the bathroom. Every person loses hair every day. There is no way around that. The drain pipe rinses away most of the hair, but it can still happen that some hairs get stuck on the inside of the pipe. You will notice that the water drains worse and worse and eventually the water even comes up from the drain pipe. Trust a plumber ventura to take the right measures.


Small amounts of lime are present in water that you will not see with the naked eye. When you do find scale residue, this is usually a loosened part of the deposit that is already in the inside of a pipe. Accumulated lime causes poor water flow, which will initially lead to slight clogging problems and if the pipe is not cleaned, the drainage problems will only increase.

By using anti-scale agents you prevent the scale from adhering to the inside of the pipe. If you nevertheless have to deal with a lime blockage, we can inform you that these types of blockages are fortunately easy to fix.

Candle wax

Not everyone is aware that candle wax does not belong in the drain line. Cooled wax is a terrible thing to remove from objects, especially if the wax is on the inside of the pipe. Candle wax is one of the most difficult residues to remove from a drain line.

Candle wax should never be poured down the drain

Sometimes candle wax can accidentally get into the drain line. In that case it is wise to call a specialist so that the candle wax is removed as quickly as possible. If you don’t, you run the risk that the candle wax will act as a kind of anchor for the dirt, with all the consequences that entails. In the catering industry in particular, candle wax blockages often occur due to the ignorance of the kitchen staff and a mistake is easily made in a hurry.


The discharge pipe is not suitable for flushing sand. Sand can accumulate and effortlessly join the grease residues already present on the inside of the pipe. The passage of the wastewater is obstructed and eventually this leads to clogging problems. In this case, flushing the discharge pipe is an option to restore the flow.

Dishwasher tablets

Although you might think that these types of tablets are also good for cleaning the drain line, this is not always the case. It is true that a number of brands have released dishwasher tablets that counteract limescale in the drain. However, when the tablet does not dissolve properly in the water (for example at low, environmentally friendly temperatures), pieces remain in the pipe to which more and more dirt will adhere.


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