New Age of Treadmills You Would Love to Have

You’ve probably read a lot of forums, consulted dozens of customer reviews, compared different models to find the answer to a simple question: Which treadmill to choose? You can go for  now.

Why buy a treadmill?

The treadmill appeals to athletes of all skill levels. It brings many advantages and is an ultra efficient cardio training device. Why run on a treadmill? Simply to protect your joints. And yes, running is a sport with impacts. If you run a lot, it is better to plan a few indoor sessions on your mat, which greatly reduces the impact. Why not use a treadmill in winter? In addition to not depending on the weather, you take care of your body. Whether it’s raining or selling, nothing prevents you from doing your running session.

The treadmill is ideal for runners.Simply because it allows you to monitor your performance with precision. You can do Cooper tests (VO2 max) or even sprints with often high max speeds on the mats. The carpets are also equipped with inclinations or declensions for some. You can therefore vary the incline, decline and speed trainings.

What about the benefits of the treadmill? They are numerous. You will improve your cardiovascular system (build your heart), decrease your fat mass and increase your muscle mass. Running helps relieve stress and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes or even cholesterol. As you can see, running is good for your health and your morale. So what are you waiting for?


Which treadmill to choose when you are older?

  • Primarily, the running surface will determine the comfort of your training.
  • The taller the user, the greater the length and width of the mat.
  • If you are a tall athlete, choose an XXL running surface to be comfortable in your strides to run on a treadmill.
  • Currently, treadmills with a large running surface measure up to 150 X 51cm.

Which treadmill to choose when you are overweight?

Each fitness brand specifies a maximum user weight beyond which the treadmill will no longer be suitable. Keeping this information in mind is extremely important, as you may see the treadmill wear out prematurely. As with other fitness equipment, a solid and robust structure will bring you pleasure and comfort of use over the long term. The heavier your treadmill, the more robust and stable it will be.

Also take care to choose the power of your engine according to the maximum user weight advertised. Above 100Kg, a motor of at least 2CV is strongly recommended to extend the life of your equipment. The heavier you are, the more you will have to opt for a powerful engine.

Choose a treadmill according to your level

We do not choose the same device if we are looking for a treadmill or a treadmill to prepare a trail. Let’s try to clarify this.

How many times a week do you want to run?

Which treadmill to choose for regular use (up to 8 hours per week)?

Do you want to train regularly, see daily? Bet on speed, incline and cushioning. The maximum speed of a treadmill depends on the power of the motor. To avoid being held back in your workouts, choose a fast treadmill. A speed of 18 to 20 km / hour leaves great prospects for racing.

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