The Right Medical Equipment for Your Choice

Building on its success with its first surgery set, we invite you to discover its second surgery set. This single-use surgery set has been designed with and for dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and doctors who want access to quality, single-use surgical equipment. As you buy medical equipment you need to be specific.

What is This Set?

Thanks to the single-use surgery set , benefit from instruments of a quality close to reusable, at the price of single use.

The surgery set consists of six elements essential for surgery.

Each element present in the surgery set is sterilized with ethylene oxide to ensure perfect sterilization. Once the set is opened, the set must be used during the same surgery.

Adson forceps without claw

The main difference between the PMD N ° 1 surgery set and the surgery set is in the Adson forceps. With the surgery set, you will have access to Adson forceps without claw. The Adson clawless forceps are the most delicate version for tissues, while offering a high level of grip and precision. The Adson clawless forceps offered in the surgery set are 12 centimeters; one of the best size for an Adson clamp, offering a high level of comfort and precision.

Field of care

The treatment drape offered in the disposable surgical set is an adhesive treatment drape with a hole in its center. The hole in the center of the treatment field has a diameter of 8 centimeters. The treatment area is 50 centimeters by 60 centimeters.


Indispensable for surgery, the surgery set comes with non-woven compresses. Five in number, the non-woven compresses offered in the surgical set are all sterile.

Each compress is 7.5 x 7.5 cm for a weight of 30 grams. For a good quality of compresses, PMD offers 4-ply compresses.

Needle holder

The needle holder is an important part of the surgery set. Although disposable, this set comes with a needle holder of a higher quality than what is usually done with disposable. Gone are the days when a single-use set was synonymous with poor needle holder. The needle holder offered by the set has internal grooves that are sufficiently pronounced and regular to provide real grip of the needle. When it comes to the right medical equipment, you need to be specific of your purchase. If you are sure, then only you can come up with the solutions now. Be sure that all the items you are buying are perfect in every way now.

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Features To Review Before Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner

It is essential that you pay attention to these aspects to choose a good vacuum cleaner, of whatever type it is (we will see the types to choose from below), to achieve the most comfortable and effective cleaning :

Power and suction power

They are different concepts. Power refers to the watts of the vacuum while suction power refers to the force with which dust is absorbed. All devices carry a label specifying the power.

Bag or deposit

  • The bag is changed, the tank is emptied. The quality of the latter makes its use more comfortable. Remember that the bigger it is, the less times you will have to empty.
  • Coco-Mat desk, chair and rug and lamp in Carolina Blue.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

To know how to choose the vacuum cleaner to clean your house you must know the types that are on the market. Some are complementary (for example, having a vacuum cleaner for general cleaning and another handheld for moments of specific and quick cleaning). Others different. You must think about your habits, what you will clean with this appliance, the number of times you use it, the space you have to store it. When you read the Hoover Smartwash reviews you can be sure that it is the best option for you.

  1. Sled Vacuum Cleaner

It is the best known type of vacuum cleaner or the “traditional” one. The engine and tank are attached to a body that is shaped like a car. A flexible tube with a nozzle protrudes from the body. Prices range from 66 to 500 euros.


It offers great performance since it works with a cable plugged into the current. Its accessory kit has several types of nozzles that make it possible to clean any corner.

  1. Broom Vacuum

The broom or broom vacuum cleaner receives this name because it resembles the stylized shape of a broom. It works with rechargeable batteries and without cables. The price of these devices ranges between 40 and 400 euros.



Its advantage, compared to the sled, lies in its absence of cables. It allows you to move around the house and, thanks to its light weight, it makes cleaning easy and fast.

Dyson Broom Vacuum

The Dyson V7 Motorhead is a powerful broom-style vacuum cleaner with nylon bristles to remove the toughest dirt, including pet hair. It has 21.6 v, autonomy of up to 30 minutes.

  1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

It is the smallest vacuum cleaner and that allows it to attract dirt from inaccessible corners. Its use complements that of the sled, broom or robot vacuum cleaner.


It is manageable. As its size does not usually exceed 45 cm in length, it can be stored in any closet after vacuuming the breadcrumbs that appear on the counter, floor or sofa. The container in which dirt is collected is small (0.3 liters), so it must be emptied frequently. It has an autonomy that does not exceed 45 minutes. Look at the reload time.

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Insta Account and Making the Best Deal

It is a fact that social networks these days offer opportunities that few would have imagined when Orkut and MSN were dominant. The Facebook and Twitter have expanded their range to brands and currently the Instagram has also drawn attention of people who believe they have potential to expand its popularity and thus make money just by having your phone and selecting the ideal filter. The Instagram has come up with the best deals now. Creating the Instagram account with the instagram account creator is perfect here.

What can you offer the user?

The first thing to think about is: ‘what can I offer that is relevant to my future followers’? With this question in mind, you will be able to better filter what you really want to associate with your profile. Pets, daily chores, just showing your routine – as long as you strive to take good pictures , that’s where it all starts.

Do not exceed the use of hashtags

Have you noticed that most users put multiple hashtags on their photos on Instagram? That’s because it allows you to group your photo on a certain subject. Of course, this is advantageous, but the excess of them can rule out the possibility of users interacting with your publication . Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but the ideal is to use a maximum of two or three.

Still on hashtags

Before associating a hashtag with the publication, it is important to check the popularity of the term and analyze if it really matches the content posted. Very popular hashtags are often ignored, but can yield interactions with new users. It’s just not worth escaping the focus just to follow the most popular hashtags: your followers, especially the oldest ones, may be irritated.

Interact with followers

It is crucial to take the time to interact with your followers. Like and comment on some photos are important not only to maintain the social cycle, but even to attract new users . After all, it is possible that your friend’s friend also follows your profile.

Set the best time

Photos published between 5pm and 6pm usually have a better repercussion on Instagram in general, but as each profile can generate a different reaction from the followers, there are other parameters that define the best timing. To find the best publication time for your profile, you can explore Iconosquare , which will analyze the entire history of your Instagram.

Don’t overdo the number of posts

The most advanced users of Facebook fan pages know that the less you post, the greater the chance that each post will have more reach. Instagram does not use the same methods as Facebook, but posting 1-2 photos a day is recommended . Oh, and forget about the apps that make it easy to buy followers via Instagram – after all, a good follower is one who interacts with what you post.

Make money with Instagram

Some brands give the most popular users the ability to serve sponsored content – but in order to do that, it is recommended that you trust what you are going to post, and not just do it for the money. There are affiliate programs that also pay Instagram users. Therefore, when the ideal time comes to earn money from your profile, dedicate yourself to assembling a media kit , to negotiate values ​​according to what your Instagram can provide in terms of reach.

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